Inspiration Muyo
by Leto


The girl screamed, her face matching the colour of her hair, which was an unusual shade of pink-red.

James approached the girl but kept his distance. He was a genius, I think, and he could read people like books. Some subtle intuition, a sixth sense, that most people can't uncover in their own minds, told him that Jessie wasn't entirely happy.


"But I only borrowed that mini once... and the midriff a couple of times. And I returned that cute purple dress without too many disasters."

"Do you call half the dress missing 'without too many disasters'?!"

"It didn't fit very well..."

"Besides, that mini did NOT suit you. Black is not your colour."

"Black's not even a colour."

"Shut up! And what happened to your hair?"

James had a towel wrapped around his head, which he would not take off. He got a sweatdrop. "Uh... nothing."

"Let me see!"


"Yes!" Jessie dived in and ripped the towel away.

*piku piku*

Jessie stared.

James got another sweatdrop.

Then the screaming started.



"What's that sound?"

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu paused as they heard a terrible scream sounding in the forest not far in the distance.

"Someone's in trouble!" cried Misty.

"Whenever there was danger... whenever an innocent would suffer... there would be... BROCK!"

Misty and Ash sweatdropped.

"I think you watch too much TV, Brock," said Ash. "But you're right. We've gotta help them!"

The group of travellers ran up the path, and pushed through the bushes to see an unusual, disturbing and - yes - rather amusing sight.

*piku piku*

"What HAPPENED?!" squawked Brock.

"HE USED MY SHAMPOO!" screamed Jessie.

"I thought it was mine! It was unlabelled! And it wasn't shampoo, it was -"

"Shut up, James!"

James sulked. Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock collapsed laughing.

"Who in their right mind," gasped Ash, "would voluntarily dye their hair PINK?!"

Misty wheezed, "and I thought Jessie was supposed to be... *heheh* the master of... good fashion!"

With Misty's comment, the four started howling with laughter.

Jessie and James stared at them, offended. Then the bulging vein symbols began appearing...


Brock choked out, "if you dye your hair pink, does that mean James dye his hair purple?"

"My hair is 100% natural!" protested James. "Besides, it's not purple. It's Prussian Blue #12 mixed with Mountain Turquoise #4..."

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu laughed harder.

"You're not taking us seriously," observed James, using his uncanny sixth sense for reading people.

"Pi... *heehee* pika pikachu, pika!" (Meaning: "It's... not Prussian Blue and Mountain Turquoise any more!")

James blinked.


Jessie snapped, "why do you think I was mad at you for using my hair dy-... er, shampoo?"

James blinked again.

"I don't want my partner looking like an idiot! Who will take you seriously now?"

Misty, almost crying with laughter, managed to pull herself together enough to extract from her bag a small hand mirror.


A scream echoed through the forest, sending Pidgey scattering, and Rattata hiding in their nests, scared.

It was not a nice word, the word which was screamed, so it will not be recorded here. But I think we can all safely assume from it that James does not approve of the prospect of going around with magenta hair. ^_^.

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